Simon Clark Hairdressing price list

great discount at Simon Clark Hairdressing

With the range and scope of hairdressing services now available at Simon Clark Hairdressing it is impossible to create a one size fits all price list. you can find more detailed pricing by clicking on the voucher below:

great discount at Simon Clark Hairdressing

Below is a table that will serve as a basic guide to pricing.

Length vs time vs product

It is important to note it is almost impossible to create a one size fits all price list. The amount of time taken and the amount of product used (not listed here) can dramatically affect the cost of your service.. So if you have very fine hair and we only need 40 minutes to do your colour instead of 50 then your pricing will move down a bracket. But if you have very thick hair and we need 60 minutes instead of 50 then you will move up a price bracket.

At Simon Clark Hairdressing we also firmly believe that there is no point in coming to the hairdresser if you just want to slap a brown over everything. You could just as well use a box at home!  As such we have no price in our price list for a standard tint. Further most general tints we are asked to do are in reality only root touch ups. 

You can add, cut and colour prices together to get an idea of the total cost. We trust that this will help you understanding how our prices are structured. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 041 373 0787

Price list
Service Junior Senior Director
Wash and cut R 150.00 R 215.00 R 240.00
Wash, cut and blow from R 200.00 R 280.00 R 330.00
Root touch up R 250.00 R 325.00 R 355.00
Half head foils from R 275.00 R 330.00 R 360.00
Full head foils from R 395.00 R 490.00 R 570.00
Balayage R 595.00 R 795.00 R 995.00
Creative colour R 495.00 R 695.00 R 895.00
Glaze R 250.00