The best hair salon in Port Elizabeth

The best choice you could make!

At Simon Clark Hairdressing we are always striving to the the best hair salon in Port Elizabeth. Situated in Westbourne Road Precinct which is home to  Port Elizabeth’s top Hair Salons. The Simon Clark Hairdressing’s team have been at the forefront of Port Elizabeth’s Hairdressing culture for the past 14 years. We believe that “never a dull moment” should apply to life in our salon. Just as much as your hair color and style. With our international training we provide the latest international trends. That we tailor to your individual needs.  Our team of stylists have  cut hair from London to Sidney and many places in between.

We do it all!

Whether it is just a trim or a complete makeover Simon Clark Hairdressing will  pamper your every whim. We realise that your best visit to the s


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