Hair colour

At Simon Clark Hairdressing we offer the latest  hair colour trends and techniques. We believe, that just because we are in Port Elizabeth, it is not an excuse for not being fashion forward. Which is all part of our continous effort to be the best hair salon in Port Elizabeth

Apart from the usual hair colour techniques of root touch ups or highlights, we also offer advanced hair colouring. Lead by creative director, Simon Clark, the team are proud to be involved in not only applying the latest techniques but developing new ones.

Babylights Hair Colour Technique

simon clark hairdressing hair colour hair salon port elizabethBabylights is a technique where highlights are blended into the regrowth area. This is done by moving where the  colour applied to each  strand, in each foil. The result is a hair colour where your hair’s natural colour is  blended with the highlights. Which allows you to minimise your regrowth but still have a great light colour. Here we used single colour highlights to lift the colour. Which gives a great natural look and almost no regrowth,



Flashlights Hair Colour Technique

simon clark hairdressing flashlights highlights hair colour hair salon port elizabeth

Flashlights are a highlighting technique where colour is applied to entire sections of hair, also know as flashes. This allows for dramatic lightening of hair. It is really useful when trying to remove colour build up or get rid of the dreaded box black. It is also great to use when colour melting or doing an ombre hair colour. As it gives far more control than traditional balayage techniques used to perform ombre hair colours. Here we used them to lift the dark colour out of her hair before glazing it to give the end result.

simon clark hairdressing flashlights multilights highlights hair colour hairdressing salon Port ElizabethMultiple colours can also be inserted into individual foils to create a multidimensional look that moves. By using deep purple and bright red in the same foil we livened up a simple colour.






simon clark hairdressing foil blending

For fun and interesting looks inserts and multiple colours, may all be used in one foil, to create hair colours that move, blend and flow.





simon clark hairdressing hair colour best hair salon port elizabeth


Or they can just be used the traditional way for vivid colour, here we used blonde, burgundy and milk chocolate foils. What ever you need our goal is to give you a hairstyle that is as unique as you are!