Everything you want to know about the Sweet First Shampoo to straighten hair

So the Sweet First Shampoo to straighten hair, is taking the market by storm and almost everyone is rushing to offer a better price, on

Before and after showing the Sweet First shampoo straighten hair

Before and after showing the Sweet First shampoo straighten hair

the newest kid on the block. So, having trained on the product with trainers from Sweet, what do you need to know?


Is The Sweet first shampoo faster ?

Well yes and no. I was once taught by a wise engineer, you can have fast, good or cheap, now pick two! If it is fast and good it won’t be cheap! Likewise if it is cheap and fast it won’t be good! So which is it? As above, the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is definitely faster to do than a traditional Brazilian (this is what I can tell from reading) However you need to follow certain processes properly and this takes time. It is definitely not something you can whack off in an hour and half!

So how long will it take? simon Clark hairdressing book online tab (400 x 288)

Work on 2-3 hours unless you have a real mop in which case it might take a bit longer.  You can get an idea of how long you should allow and book your appointment here:

Do I need to use special shampoo?

No not really, your cheap and nasty supermarket shampoos won’t damage it, but a good shampoo will definitely get your hair looking better!

Can I colour my hair?

Yes immediately after your treatment? You can even swim in salt water. You can also colour and then straighten, but it does strip colour from hair so this is perhaps not the best idea. (unless you had a home job boo boo in which case…. ) You can even do it on top of a relaxer or use it to fix that perm you are now regretting.

Will it irritate my scalp?

The shampoo has the same ingredients as most facial peels so some tingling is to be expected, but nothing serious. If it goes beyond this shout for help!

How long will it last?

Depending on who you talk to, but 3-4 months seem to be the numbers being quoted. Truth is we don’t really know yet. If you want the real answer come back in January. In the meantime, it seems to work and our clients have yet to complain…

Does it have any Formaldehyde? Not it does not contain any.

Is it safe?

Well I would not drink it, I would not drink shower gel either, as a number of the ingredients, are toxic if drunk, but that aside and the note below I am completely confident in it’s safety

Is there anything else I need to know?

The product contains Aspirin, so if you are allergic to aspirin I would have a sensitivity test before doing it. (I might even think twice about even trying the sensitivity test in this instance. So talk to your doctor first… !!) Likewise I would take care during pregnancy. Yes I know they, the manufacturers say it is safe, but lets be sensible about it. I, and I admit this is my personal opinion, think we need a little more info here. Aspirin is contra indicated in pregnancy and I for one do not want to cause any complications.

So all in all should you use the Sweet First Shampoo ? If you are not allergic to aspirin or pregnant I can’t see why not. Based on the results we are producing it really seems to do what it says it will on the bottle. Just don’t go to a salon that claims they can do it in under 2 hours as all you are likely to get is fast and cheap!