Katy Perry’s new pixie

If you have not seen Katy Perry’s new pixie yet then here you go….

Katy Perry great short hair

Katy Perry’s new pixie

The real news though, was that the pixie was not entirely by choice. I am sure many of you know the story of when good bleach goes bad. When bleach shows her dark side and fries your hair. Well this is what happened to Katy Perry.

To us at Simon Clark Hairdressing though the real news is instead of hanging on to a lost cause she decided to chop it. And cut her losses, if you will pardon the pun.

While we are great at rescue jobs sometimes it is better to chop it like Katy and start again. Short hair is becoming much more fashion forward and from my recent trip to Italy most short ladies cuts involved a set of clippers.

Rules for Short Hair.

For those brave enough to go for the crop, you need to remember;  Super short pixies can be very masculine so make up and earrings are a must. Also it may be a good idea to avoid masculine looking outfits, if you are worried.

Bleach for beginners

If however you want to bleach your hair the its best to try and take it slow. It is also a good idea to remember that the celeb makeover you are busy trying to copy was probably done over at least a day, had an unlimited budget and used mountains of a bond rebuilder. We think Bond Fusion is best.

Get the cut

For those of you who want the cut, make sure you take a few pics of the cut you want. To make sure you and your hairdresser are on exactly the same page as to how short you want it.  As a last tip it is best to avoid highlighting very short hair on the back and sides as this can appear spotty.